You Went To Where?? For How Much??

That’s usually the response I get from family and friends when I tell them the cost of my flight tickets to other countries. Ever since I went to Milan for about $330 round trip from NYC, I’ve been obsessed with finding these fantastic deals. Not only does it fuel my wanderlust and sense of adventure, it also provided me time to save up and plan out my vacations well in advanced.

2014-03-30 11.37.35

I’ll let you in on my secret, but you have to follow these tips:

  1. Subscribe to flight deal sites.
    There are many sites that show you how to get deals like Secret Flying, The Flight Deal, Airfarewatchdog, etc. They post something every day and will let you know all of the best deals out there. Check their sites or social posts daily. You never know when a good deal will strike you.
  2. ACT FAST.
    I cannot stress this enough. There are so many deals out there, but the best ones are the error deals. Seriously. Whenever you see a post that says “Error: xx going to xx for xx. Will not last long” you must act fast and book it right away. They are usually the ones that with normal pricing it would have cost upwards of 800 USD, but ended up costing around 300 USD instead. That’s a huge difference in price! The only caveat is that they disappear rather quickly. There are times when I saw an error deal and within a half hour, they were all gone. If you’re unsure about certain deals, you can book now and think about it later since most sites usually have a free 24 hour cancellation.
  3. Pay attention to the sample dates.
    You should be aware that some flights require you leave on certain dates. Pay attention to the sample dates and see if you can replicate it. Sometimes they can be within the month of posting. Other times, you have to wait 6 months to 1 year. Just because there is a deal, it doesn’t mean you can get that price at any time you want.
  4. Be flexible.
    Error deals and other low priced tickets are completely random. You never know when you will get tickets for about 350 USD to Singapore, for example. It also helps if you are flexible with your dates. The best deals are usually the ones where you leave on a random day like Tuesday and come back on a Monday. Sometimes it can be a 200 USD price difference between leaving on a Tuesday versus a Friday night!
  5. Subscribe to flight alerts.
    There are many sites like Google Flights and Hipmunk that gives you the ability to receive email alerts to places you searched. These email alerts will let you know when the prices drop so you can book them as soon as you see a price that you’re comfortable in paying.

And there you have it! My not-so-secret guide to get cheap flight deals.

These methods have helped me go to many places on the cheap for the past 3 years. I have let the deals plan out my next vacation spot, every time. I hope these tips will help you too.

Travel on!


(P.S. Looking for travel deals can get pretty addicting, so if you get caught in it because of me, I would like to say #sorrynotsorry well in advanced).


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